Face-to-Face Repair Service

At every iCracked Japan Store, we repair your iPhone right in front of you! Customers get to see their iPhones getting repaired face-to-face, so you feel much safer about having it repaired: you don't need to worry about what happens behind those doors!


High Quality Products

iCracked performs all its procurement for every display assembly that is used to repair a device. They are all inspected one by one - each part is inspected through iCracked's own quality assessment process, which results iCracked to use high-quality components. We're very confident in the quality of our services, which is why they're covered with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.



Every iTech's expertise is ensured through iCracked's Certification program, and is full with independent professionals who are motivated to provide the highest quality service. iCracked accumulates the repair content of the repairs done by the iTechs, which is stored as an online knowledge database. iTechs use this database as their source to solve problems, and this makes it less likely for the iTech's repair quality to vary drastically.