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2017.01.13 | iCracked Store Umeda LoFt 02.01 OPENING!

2016.12.26 | iCracked Store Year-End/New-Year Schedule

2016.12.09 | iCracked Store Machida 12.24 OPEN!

2016.12.07 | iCracked Store Chikusa 12.23 OPEN!

2016.12.05 | iCracked Store Beisia Annaka 12.09 OPEN!

2016.11.27 | TBS「がっちりマンデー」にてiCrackedが紹介されました。

2016.11.14 | iCracked Store Kichijoji 11.19 OPEN!

2016.11.04 | iCracked Store Tenjin Nishi-Dori 11.11 OPEN!

2016.10.24 | iCracked Store Honatsugi 11.01 OPEN!

2016.10.15 | iCracked Store Shinsaibashi 10.15 OPEN!

2016.10.01 | iCracked Store Ikebukuro LoFt 10.01 OPEN!

2016.09.19 | iCracked Store Sapporo Pole Town 09.20 OPEN!

Customer Reviews

We post real-time ratings from customers who repaired their iPhone or iPad at iCracked.
Customer evaluations are vital in helping us meet the highest standards of quality and excellence, and we hope you could use this as a reference for choosing iCracked.

iCracked's Strengths


Face-to-Face Repair Service

We will repair your iPhone right in front of you, so you can hand it over with ease and not worry about people looking through your privacy. You could also have a glance of how our iTechs repair an iPhone on the 1st floor while walking by the store



High Quality Products

iCracked offers a QA/QC process for all displays being used for the repair services, which helps generate high quality products




Every iTech's expertise is ensured through iCracked's Certification program, and is full with independent professionals who are motivated to provide the highest quality service