Sharp Smart Phone Repair

Parts to Repair

Sharp Smart Phone Repair

As a "Sharp Smartphone Repair Partner", iCracked repairs AQUOS R7 / AQUOS R6 / Leitz Phone 2 / Leitz Phone 1 / AQUOS sense7 plus / AQUOS / sense5G / AQUOS zero6 / Simple Smartphone 6.

Repairs will be performed in accordance with procedures specified by Sharp and using only genuine Sharp repair parts.

iCracked will repair for a fee any malfunction/damage that is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

  • Equipment for which the manufacturer's warranty period (one year) has ended.
  • Malfunctions or damage caused by dropping or submerging in water that are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

For devices covered by the manufacturer's warranty (failure under normal use within the warranty period), please contact SoftBank.

修理のお申し込み | ソフトバンク

Repair Cost

sense7 plus
Display 59,180yen※1 62,480yen※1 40,480yen 23,980yen
Back cover 18,480yen 22,880yen 17,380yen 16,280yen
Front Camera 59,180yen※1 62,480yen※1 12,980yen 12,980yen
Rear Camera 48,180yen 47,080yen 18,480yen 18,480yen
Battery 15,180yen 15,180yen 15,180yen 14,080yen
Motherboard --- ※2 93,280yen 55,880yen 38,280yen
Other Parts 12,980〜yen※1 12,980〜yen※1 12,980yen 12,980yen
  AQUOS zero6 シンプルスマホ6 LEITZ PHONE 2 LEITZ PHONE 1
Display 41,580yen※1 22,880yen※1 63,580yen※1 62,480yen※1
Back cover 15,180yen 14,080yen 18,480yen 22,880yen
Front Camera 14,080yen 12,980yen 63,580yen※1 62,480yen※1
Rear Camera 18,480yen 15,180yen 48,180yen 47,080yen
Battery 14,080yen 14,080yen 15,180yen 15,180yen
Motherboard --- ※2 39,380yen --- ※2 93,280yen
Other Parts 12,980〜yen※1 12,980〜yen※1 12,980〜yen※1 12,980〜yen※1

Repair Process

  1. Service ExplanationWe will give you a repair overview explaining the important details and price.
  2. Pre-function CheckiTech will check the operation of all the features on your device along with you.
  3. EstimationBased on the results of the pre-function check, we will present you with an estimate of how much it would cost to repair the device.
  4. Internal Inspection and RepairAfter performing an internal inspection of the smartphone, the defective/faulty component will be replaced.
  5. Functionality CheckWe will confirm the proper functioning of all the features after repair.
  6. Report and PaymentA repair report will be provided at the time of payment.